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Open Position: Sales Manager (German Europe)

21.4.2020 | 0 Comments

Snowek Oy is the global innovation leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing high end road maintenance attachment products. We design and manufacture road maintenance equipment that are mounted together with heavy construction and agricultural machinery, such as wheel loaders, excavators and tractors. Our leading products include the globally unique Trombia Airknife sweepers for street and… Read more about Open Position: Sales Manager (German Europe)

Become a Trombia US dealer

16.1.2020 | 0 Comments

´ Trombia Sweepers continues our North American expansion in 2020 and we will be on site at the APWA PWX 2020 in New Orleans. Come over to learn more about how you or your customers can combat silica and industrial waste challenges – or pick up fines and millings at one pass without investing into… Read more about Become a Trombia US dealer

GARNEA a.s. named as the official Czech dealer of Trombia Sweepers

19.12.2019 | 0 Comments

GARNEA a.s. named as the official Czech dealer of Trombia Sweepers Waterless PM2,5 and PM10 dust removal sweepers launched in Czech Republic Finnish high-end sweeper attachment manufacturer Snowek Oy has named GARNEA a.s. as the official dealer of PM2,5 certified Trombia sweepers in Czech Republic. Trombia is the world’s first and only waterless sweeper attachment… Read more about GARNEA a.s. named as the official Czech dealer of Trombia Sweepers

Trombia Sweepers names Superior Truck Equipment, Inc. as the official dealer in Alberta and Saskatchewan

30.10.2019 | 0 Comments

              European sweeper manufacturer Snowek continues its rollout in North America by expanding its dealership representation in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, in Canada. Snowek has named Superior Truck Equipment, Inc, as the official dealer for its flagship sweeper product Trombia Airknife sweeper. Trombia sweepers are designed to… Read more about Trombia Sweepers names Superior Truck Equipment, Inc. as the official dealer in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Ask for a quote

Ask for a quote to enter the era of Trombia sweeping!


For municipalities

  • PM2,5 - PM10 dust removal
  • Silica dust management
  • Spring cleaning
  • Waterless sweeping
  • One pass solution
  • Superior operating efficiency
  • Minimized noise pollution
  • Marginal investment compared to city sweepers


For pavement contractors

  • Millings and fine dust removal
  • Silica dust management
  • One pass solution
  • Ready-to-pave dry surface
  • Robust strong structure
  • Mounts on your existing loader on site
  • Improve your wheel loader's ROI

For respirable silica & industrial dust

Ask for a quote

Ask for a quote to enter the era of Trombia sweeping!

PM2,5 10 Certification

PM2,5 & PM10 certified

  • Combat PM2,5/PM10 street dust challenges with Trombia
  • Combat worksite silica dust
  • Minimize waste water pollution
  • Improve air quality
  • EUnited 4-star rating
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For tunnels and mining

  • Year-round sweeping
  • Fine dust and debris sweeping
  • Waterless sweeping in sub-zero temperatures
  • Mounts on the existing wheel loaders
  • Efficient operations
  • Up to 10mph / 15km/h sweeping speed

For seaports and harbors

  • Dust, sand and debris removal year-round
  • Cargo halls sweeping
  • PM2,5 and silica dust removal
  • Vessel deck sweeping
  • Sweeping in sub-zero temperatures
  • Waterless sweeping

Trombia is the world's first and only waterless street sweeper attachment that delivers the highest calibre of PM2,5 and PM10 fine dust control and removal efficiency, normally achievable with only the world's most valuable city suction sweeper trucks (EUnited PM2,5/PM10 Test)

How to purchase?

Check the following details of your wheel loader to ensure compatibility:

    • Operating weight
      Operating weight of the loader should be in between 8500kg/19000lbs - 25000kg/55000lbs.
    • Hydraulic setup
    • Your loader must have 3rd valve pressure-return pair with hydraulic flow of 80 - 100 l/min at working engine revolution levels. 
    • Your loader must have a free return / tank line / case drain line for excess pressure return to tank
    • Your third valve function must have a hold / detent function for continuous hydraulic flow.
    • Ability to adjust hydraulic flow from the cabin or adjusting idle speed / engine rpm levels at idle will improve your Trombia experience in narrow yards
    • Electric setup: You will need 10 amp electric output for the electric system of Trombia. You can use either 12V or 24V voltage, but must ensure the fuse and potential inverters also carry 10amp.
  • Hydraulic quick coupler: We offer a range of quick couplers for your Trombia: Volvo BM, JRB416, CAT IT and CAT Fusion as well as ACS couplers are readily available. Ask for any other coupler from your sales point. 


  • Suitability per wheel loader brand´
    • CAT 916 and larger
      CASE 521 and larger
      JCB 413 and larger
      Volvo L50 and larger
      Hitachi ZW120 / ZW140 and larger
      Komatsu WA 200 and larger
      John Deere 344L / 444K and larger
      For other brands, please contact your sales representative.

Find your nearest dealer and contact information under DEALERS.

For any market, where we don't have a dealer yet, contact your wheel loader dealer for assistance or directly with us Our sales team will get in touch with your nearest location capable of selling and servicing Trombia for you.

Need Trombia specifications for placing a tender or a bid with key Trombia features included? Contact Trombia Sales Team ->

Ask for a quote for Trombia through Contact.

What should I budget for Trombia Sweeping?

  • Trombia units cost a fraction of a cost compared to a self-propelled suction city sweepers. 
  • Trombia retail prices in European and American markets are approximately 45 000 EUR / 55 000 USD with standard accessories that will get you going. 
  • Potential installation costs for a case drain line or detain functionality for your front loader hydraulics are a standard setup for any wheel loader workshop. Budgeting wise - 1000 eur/ 1100-1200 USD should get the job done.
  • Trombia wear out parts are estimated to cost approximately 5 000 EUR / 6500 USD for each efficient 500 sweeping hours. This would be estimated based on the time of your sweeper brush in operation. Naturally wear out can vary widely to both directions depending on the sweeping job and the surfaces. 

We have constant production of Trombia units tailored to your needs. 

Lead times in Europe are approximately 1-2 weeks and in North America 4-6 weeks for products that are not yet in the country. In North America our dealers have units in stock and should the ready product match your loader you'll get your Trombia in no time. 

Once you receive your Trombia delivered to you, it is time to hit the streets. 

We from Trombia will provide you with comprehensive on-site training for getting the most benefits out of your new investment. Our dealers are trained to ensure you will get the best return on your investement. We will also go through the daily and seasonal maintenance that is quick to adopt into routines. 

Trombia is delivered to you with a ready to mount kit, with your specified mounting and accessories. During the training, we highly recommend that you order the first 500 hr service kit from your point of sale to ensure you have required wear out items readily available. 

Your parts supply is organised either through your local dealer or from our two parts depots. For North American market our parts depot is located in New Hampshire, US with overnight delivery options available. For European markets our parts depot is located at the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, with overnight deliveries available.

Our dealers in your region will always be happy to assist with any parts enquiries, service request or such. In all circumstances you can contact for service requests.

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