European road maintenance equipment developer Snowek Ltd. and Beauregard Equipment, Inc, based in Concord, NH, have signed a regional distribution partnership for the launch of the very latest European street sweeping innovation, the Trombia sweeper attachments. Trombia attachments became in June 2017 the world’s first waterless sweeping attachments that passed the worldwide benchmark in city sweeping – the EUnited PM10 street dust test – with the highest 3-star rating. The partnership ensures product distribution across the states of New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine as well as streamlined spare parts distribution across North America.


Beauregard Equipment will now take charge in introducing and distributing Trombia sweeper products to cities, municipalities and private sweeping contractors as well as industrial destinations in northern New England. Trombia sweepers will be brought to the market with a 7.2ft wide Trombia 220 model front-mounted with wheel loaders starting from operating weight of 19.500lbs upwards. Later in 2018 a compact model for smaller wheel loaders will be made available.


“We are excited knowing Beauregard Equipment’s reputation in excellent after-sales service as well as their distinct enthusiasm in bringing the revolutionary sweeper technology to northern New England, we have found a very good partner to launch our US market entry. Trombia sweepers have been praised as a truly unique solution in northern Europe thanks to their ability to deliver superior vacuum sweeper cleaning results by exploiting the idle wheel loaders around city vehicle parks or industrial contractors’ yards”, describes Antti Nikkanen, Managing Director of Snowek Oy, a Finnish manufacturer of Trombia sweepers.


“The Trombia sweepers are an exciting addition to our product offerings. We believe this sweeper will be a worthwhile and cost-effective solution for our customers across northern New England. Our salesforce is highly motivated to introduce this product because they see the value it will add to all the potential buyers in our region who already own wheel loaders and are overwhelmed by the cost of standard sweeping machines,” says Beauregard Equipment co-owner Carl Beauregard.


Service and parts supply a key priority


“We have developed Trombia sweepers in Nordic Europe where 100% of municipal streets are sanded with several rounds of gritting sand during winter and, thus, efficiency demands for spring cleaning have been extreme. However, Trombia sweepers have been developed from the get-go with North America as the key target market in mind, thanks to the wide streets, great loader base and the great contractor market. When we analyzed the customer segments, we made it very clear that service and parts supply had to work from day one. That is why, we have also entered into a partnership with Beauregard to set up a parts supply depot for our US dealers and the end customers in Beauregard’s regions”, describes Nikkanen the after sales arrangements.


Trombia product demos will commence in April 2018 and the products will be showcased in regional exhibitions starting in May.


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