Anleggsgruppen AS becomes the official Norwegian distributor for PM10-certified waterless Trombia sweeper attachments Finnish road maintenance equipment developer Snowek Oy and Anleggsgruppen AS have signed a Norwegian distribution agreement on the latest European street sweeping innovation Trombia sweeper attachments. Trombia attachments became in June 2017 the world’s first waterless sweeping devices that passed the European PM10 street dust test at highest possible ratings.

Anleggsgruppen will now take charge in distributing Trombia products to Norwegian cities, municipalities and industrial maintenance companies as well as private entrepreneurs carrying out year-round street sweeping work. Trombia sweepers will be brought to Norway first with a 2,24m wide Trombia 220 model front-mounted with wheel loaders starting from 9 tons in operating weight. Later in 2018 a Compact model for smaller wheel loaders will be made available.

“We are excited to announce our first official export distribution agreement for our Trombia innovation, which is the true flagship product in the Nordic street maintenance industry. Norway is a tailor-made market for Trombia’s sweeping capabilities, as for example the countless amount of tunnels cannot be watered while sweeping winter time. The products have been in active use for 2 years now in Finland and after claiming the 3 stars in the world-leading PM10 street dust test in June, we are now launching extensive export business first in the Nordics and following with North America”, highlights Antti Nikkanen, Managing Director of Snowek.

Anleggsgruppen AS, located in Gullaug, has been the dealer of Snowek’s high end snow plows and hydraulic sweeper attachments for 5 years. Additions of Trombia products as well as Ammann and Bergmann earlier this year are a part of a cross-Norway expansion plan for sale and service.

“Anleggsgruppen are happy to grow our relationship with Snowek. We are ready to start promoting Trombia in Norway and have the first unit on stock week 46. We will make demoss for customer that are interested to try this unique attachment. Trombia will be a ‘’need’’ product for many of our customers and it will be one of our key products for the future”, states Per-Gunnar Holmgren, General Manager of Anleggsgruppen AS.

“The recent development of Anleggsgruppen AS and the capability to support strongly whole southern Norway as well as very northern parts has been very warmly welcomed by Snowek and was a main factor in granting Trombia distribution rights. We want to deliver superior end user experience and that requires a strong partner close to our customers”, continues Antti Nikkanen from Snowek.

INFO: Trombia sweepers operate without watering the streets

Trombia sweepers are revolutionary sweeping attachments developed to make it possible to deliver the highest level of street dust and debris cleaning result with a hydraulic wheel loader attachment and without watering the streets for dust control reasons. Investment costs for Trombia products are marginal compared to the likes of self-propelled city vacuum sweepers or large road sweeping vacuum trucks, but the cleaning efficiency matches with the very best of the global vacuum sweeping trucks according to the European EUnited PM10 street dust test.

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Snowek Oy
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Per-Gunnar Holmgren
General Manager
Anleggsgruppen AS
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