Trombia combines the best functionalities of mechanical sweeping attachments and self propelled vacuum-sweepers and vacuum-sweeping trucks – but with waterless cleaning! Patented innovation of collaboration between vacuum, closed air circulation, air knife and a sweeper roller ensures a cleaning result superior to any technology in the market. When cleaning is carried out dry, the technology avoids hard-to-vacuum street dust sludge – again guaranteeing the cleanest surfaces.

The cleaning efficiency of Trombia allows cities, maintenance contractors and industrial companies to use wheel loaders year-round for street, urban and industrial area maintenance, while traditionally loaders are in daily use only for snow maintenance work. Trombia investment is marginal compared to large street sweepers and self propelled vacuum sweepers, but delivers unrivalled cleaning efficiency and working speed.

In June 2017 Trombia became the world’s first waterless sweeper attachment to reach the highest ratings of the European Union PM10 street dust sweeping test. The test is normally passed only by city and area vacuum sweeper vehicles that land in 5-10 times higher investment costs and use water on the ground to bind dust.

In May 2018 upon the launch of a new PM2,5/PM10 street dust test certificate, Trombia was certified with the highest 4 star PM2,5&PM10 rating.

Trombia sweepers deliver the best-in-class cleaning result without addition engines for suction power and without easy-to-damage suction nozzles. Dust control is based on cyclone method and the cyclone is emptied always together with the dust hopper. The main broom serves as the elevator for debris, so no breaking conveyor belts or elevator mechanisms are present. 

Unlike complex hydraulic attachments, Trombia sweepers are managed simply from your touchscreen - and the delivery includes all that a new user can possibly need.

Trombia Products vs. traditional suction sweepers

Trombia Traditional city & industrial sweepers
Sweeping width (min)  2,2m  2,0m - 2,5m
Fine dust cleaning width 2,2m (Trombia method) 0,4m - 0,8m (suction nozzle)
Sweeping width (max) 2,5m 2,2m - 3,9m
Operating speed max 20 km/h / 12mph 12km/h / 8mph
Efficient sweeping speed  3-15 km/h 2-3 km/h
Hopper capacity  1,8m3  1m3 - 7m3
Water tank  70 l  220 litres
Water consumption  0-100 l / h  500l - 1000 l / h
Main dust suppression  Waterless Trombia Cyclone  Water sprinkling
Dust control below zero degrees YES NO
Dust suppression, extreme conditions Trombia Extra Dust Control Water sprinkling
PM10 /PM2,5 Eunited Rating 4 stars 0- 4 stars
50 000 EUR 150 000 EUR - 500 000 EUR
Total PM2,5+heavy debris level sweeping efficiency 8000 - 10 000 m2 / hour

(2,2m wide PM removal and brushing, 4km/h)

600 m2 / hour

(60cm suction, 1km/h)



All functions of Trombia are steered from the touch screen inside the cabin. Rotation speed, side-shifting and opening and closing the dust bin are only one touch away behind the 7 inches touch screen!



Every Trombia product is equipped with ground height sensors, which allows Smart Trombia automation to adjust the device height from the ground depending on the changes in the surface. The driver shall only set Trombia down at the beginning of the work day and the automation takes care of the rest! Enjoy.


Patent-protected Trombia method allows cleaning to be carried out fully dry without watering the streets. Dry cleaning ensures the optimal cleaning result as the air-knife, vacuum and mechanical brushes operate on a dry surface. The ecological water-saving Trombia method will soon be a must-have everywhere!


Trombia does not use filter systems that require continuous washing. Vacuumed air is purified with a cyclone separator. Trombia has been designed to ensure that any maintenance spots are convenient to reach.  Trombia’s automation also manages bristle lifetime more efficiently than any unit in the market. Bristle life expectancy is estimated at 100-150 efficient sweeping hours (brush in rotation).

Technical specifications



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