Vellogs Oy sweeps clean the warehouses, vessels and outdoor areas of Helsinki harbour


”Trombia has been a terrific investment”

In Helsinki Vuosaari harbor Vellogs OY, maintains and services the freight container operations of port operator Steveco. In addition Vellogs is in charge of taking care of Steveco’s and Rauanheimo’s pulp and paper warehouses and outdoor areas. Finland being one of the world leading pulp and paper supplier, the pulp warehouses are mandatory to be kept precisely clean even from the finest dust. On top of that outdoor areas of the port are swept clean throughout the year, and sweeping operations become hectic in spring season due to the gritting sand collection.

Vellogs employs 10 maintenance personnel and the company was founded in 2018.

– We are a young and hungry operations company. We focus on delivering customer satisfaction and efficiency as our primary value proposition, describes CEO Joonas Valerius.

Multifunctional sweeping device

In the beginning Vellogs launched their sweeping operations with standard pick up broom attachments. While only doing spring cleaning of outdoor areas, the pick up brooms worked well for sand collection. However, customer demands were greater. Precise removal of fine dust from outdoor areas and the pulp warehouses required Vellogs to consider a suction sweeper vehicle until Trombia was introduced.

– Trombia is an impressive sweeper, its sweeping performance is above anything we have seen. We drove Trombia as a trial run first in the pulp warehouse of port operator Rauanheimo. Together with them, after the trial, we decided to invest in Trombia, Valerius continues.

  • We did consider a suction sweeper vehicle in the beginning, but Trombia is much more multifunctional for us. Of course in the beginning the investment made us think twice, as the sweeper is more expensive than standard pick up broom attachments, but based on the sweeping result it definitely is worth every penny. You can see the difference when you are dumping the Trombia container. That fine dust powder that it has removed has not been possible with any other device we tried, Valerius concludes.

Efficient sweeper brings new business opportunities to Vellogs

In industrial locations, such as the pulp warehouses sweeping performance and fine dust removal is the key for customer satisfaction. Warehouses have large wide doors, which are open during the days, and thus all that dust must be removed on a daily basis. If the pulp piles get dusty, the recipient of the materials will deliver an immediate complaint. In these precise conditions Trombia has proven to be the efficient device to combat dust challenges and as the news spread, Vellogs has got new customer requests and business opportunities.

– The latest new duty in the harbor area has been sweeping the vessel decks once they arrive in port. In the past the vessels were swept with suction sweepers, which were not fast enough and not possible to use in winter temperatures due to water consumption. With Trombia we have increased the speed and made the sweeping of dust and debris year-round on vessel decks in Helsinki harbor. Also this task was first trialed with the customer, and they said immediately that the job is ours, Valerius smiles.

– It is an incredibly multifunctional and efficient device. Considering it now afterwards it has been a terrific investment, Valerius sums up.

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All functions of Trombia are steered from the touch screen inside the cabin. Rotation speed, side-shifting and opening and closing the dust bin are only one touch away behind the 7 inches touch screen!



Every Trombia product is equipped with ground height sensors, which allows Smart Trombia automation to adjust the device height from the ground depending on the changes in the surface. The driver shall only set Trombia down at the beginning of the work day and the automation takes care of the rest! Enjoy.


Patent-protected Trombia method allows cleaning to be carried out fully dry without watering the streets. Dry cleaning ensures the optimal cleaning result as the air-knife, vacuum and mechanical brushes operate on a dry surface. The ecological water-saving Trombia method will soon be a must-have everywhere!


Trombia does not use filter systems that require continuous washing. Vacuumed air is purified with a cyclone separator. Trombia has been designed to ensure that any maintenance spots are convenient to reach.  Trombia’s automation also manages bristle lifetime more efficiently than any unit in the market. Bristle life expectancy is estimated at 100-700 efficient sweeping hours (brush in rotation).