Waterless Trombia sweeping brings superior efficiency to milling sites

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Explore Trombia Airknife sweepers' unique advantages for your milling site operations

Trombia sweeper

Waterless sweeping of heavy debris and finest dust

Trombia Airknife sweepers operate fully on a dry sweeping surface. Its mechanical broom concept picks up the heavy millings and its revolutionary airknife method picks up the finest dust making the swept surface dry and clean - ready to pave after one pass.

PM2,5 10 Certification

Ready to pave - dry milling surface at all times

When carrying out milling sweeping two factors play the most important role - sweeping quality and speed of operations.

With Trombia you deliver clean surface with fully waterless and dry milling path. As a result the milling is directly ready to pave and you save some serious time and money.

The highly advanced fine dust removal also makes the surface cleaner at once, and thus, allows the new pavement to stick more firmly on the surface.


Dust control second to none

Even though Trombia uses no water on the sweeping surface - it is ranked among the very greatest of the full scale street sweepers in terms of dust control. Patented Trombia Cyclone dust suppression handles the finest PM2,5/PM10 and silica dust unlike any other waterless solution in the market.

Trombia Airknife sweeper is the world's first and only waterless sweeper attachment that meets the highest European Union 4-star PM2,5/PM10 dust removal and control rating.


One Pass sweeper

Trombia's clever combination of mechanical sweeping and the revolutionary Airknife technology, makes it possible to finally reach the desired sweeping result with ONE PASS.

Trombia broom picks up the heavier millings for which mechanical brooms are normally used and the Airknife-Cyclone technology removes the finest dust off the surface.

no filters

Marginal downtime

Unlike all suction based sweepers or mechanical conveyor belt based sweeper trucks Trombia Sweeper comes with significantly reduced downtime!

  • No filters to wash
  • No conveyor belts / elevator mechanisms
  • No suction pick up heads to break
  • No separate auxilliary engine maintenance
  • 100hr-500hr efficient bristle wear out time

Mounts with your existing wheel loader

Typically a sweeper unit is an additional investment to your millings fleet. Some of the milling operation sites use up to 3 different units for the sweeping operations.

Trombia Airknife does it all - from heavy debris to fine dust - and they mount with an existing wheel loader in your fleet.

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