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Trombia delivers street cleaning performance comparable with the highest calibre city suction sweepers


Mechanical removal and waterless airknife technology combined

Trombia sweepers are known for their cutting edge cleaning performance with both heavier debris and finest dust particles.

Waterless mechanical broom, the Trombia Airknife and cyclone method picks up over 95% of the fine dust particles (EUnited PM2,5 Test).

For municipalities this means that the town or governmental organisation can arrange their street clean up with significantly lower costs and higher speed, as the Trombia one pass solution picks up heavy and fines at the same time. Thanks to Trombia, being an efficient hydraulic attachment, the municipality can use it as a plug&play sweeper for year-round activities.

PM2,5 10 Certification

European standards for PM2,5 and PM10 sized dust particle management has intensified in recent years.

European sweeping industry has understood the importance of dust management for pavement and industrial site operators.

The governing body of the sweeper manufacturers, EUNited Municipal Equipment, has developed a world benchmark test that measures both, dust removal and dust control ability of the street sweepers.

Trombia sweepers are the world's first and only waterless wheel loader attachment that delivers the highest 4-star rating of sweeping performance, according to EUnited.

In addition to the 4-star rating, Trombia delivers above 95% pick up capability for the finest dust particles which can be matched only by a few high end road suction sweepers.

Learn more: https://www.eu-nited.net/municipal_equipment/press-room/road-sweepers-new-eunited-pm-test-for-pm2.5-certified-for-a-clean-environment.html



Waterless silica dust removal

Unlike any water-based sweeping vehicle or device out in the market, Trombia actually picks up the PM10 street and silica dust and removes it permanently off your street to a disposal point.

Any water-based method will only bind dust on the site ground and cause severe dust challenges once the dust suppression water has dried up.

Mounts with your idle wheel loader

Instead of acquiring expensive sweeper trucks with fine dust sweeping capabilities - Trombia gives your municipality a simple plug&play solution and mounts any of your 19 000lbs+/9000kg+ wheel loader.

Investment for a Trombia sweeper is approximately one fifth of a sweeper truck.

Marginal downtime

Unlike all suction based sweepers or mechanical conveyor belt based sweeper trucks Trombia Sweeper come with significantly reduced downtime!

  • No filters to wash
  • No conveyor belts / elevator mechanisms
  • No suction pick up heads to break
  • No separate auxilliary engine maintenance
  • 100hr-500hr efficient bristle wear out time



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